Encouraging Active Recovery Through The Power Of CBD.

Try our signature, lab-tested, CBD infused, Broad Spectrum products.

Blend Specialised for Active Recovery

100% organic CBD combined with an array of natural compounds, LuceMae CBD's proprietary blend helps to soothe, rejuvenate, cleanse, and tone the skin. Its enhanced properties improve the oil’s anti-aging and skincare qualities. This makes it perfect for both dry and oily skin conditions.

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LuceMae CBD Joint & Muscle BALM Bundle

Our Muscle and Joint Balms takes LuceMae’s premium 0% THC CBD Oil and combines it with some of nature’s most profound ingredients: Tiger balm, Wintergreen, Camphor, and more. Try both blends and get 40% off

LuceMae CBD Picture product


Recommended for soreness, stiffness, fresh blood flow, anti-inflammation

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LuceMae CBD Picture product


Recommended for Pain, Swelling, sleep and anti-inflammatory.

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Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

Reduced Pain & Inflammation

100% Organic

Our Signature Muscle Balms are built to encourage Active Recovery, relieve pain and give our customers the quality of life they deserve.

CBD For Active Recovery

About us

"Awesome product that worked wonders on my girlfriends back pain and also helped my muscles pre and post workout! Service was great and very quick!"

O. Brown

"Works great for sore muscles and helping my body relax after training. Fast delivery and a really good customer service as well. I'll definitely buy it again."

Kinga K

"I found the warming balm easily absorbed into the skin and only after a couple of days, have noticed a difference with my knee joints and shoulder. Really pleased so far.... Combinded with CBD drops, I have really noticed a difference and happier too! :). Scent is really nice too!"


CBD & Active Recovery

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