About us

Our Story

LuceMae is an Active Recovery, Health and wellness brand powered by CBD and organic supplements, founded by Rich Shadare, after several injuries on and off the basketball court and years of taking pain medication, he decided that it was time to make an active investment into the long term health and wellness.

He was tired of not being able to do the simple things, tired of pushing through the pain and causing longer more intense damage and we’re sure many of you can relate to this..

 Lucemae CBD Activity Recover About us

Our Mission

Our mission became finding a way to encourage active recovery, relieve years of muscle/ joint pain, and doing our part to stop the spread of opioid abuse. So many athletes, at all levels, are being pumped with prescribed opioids drugs such as OxyContin, Percocet, Codeine, Morphine, and Tramadol. These powerful drugs create long-term addictions and the risk of symptoms returning as soon as they are stopped.

We look forward to sharing this Organic CBD Muscle balm range with you. Our range is made in the United Kingdom from Organic UK botanicals and every batch is lab tested.