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Recovery is the key to all performance! So we created a range of CBD infused muscle balms combined with some of nature’s most profound ingredients including Camphor, Tiger Balm, Wintergreen, Clove, Cinnamomum and more.

These are all essential oils used to aid muscle & joint pain relief and relaxation as well as reduce inflammation and promote recovery

High CBD Content

500mg of THC free organic CBD

Lab Tested 

3rd party certificates of analysis (COA)

100% Organic

Organic compounds sourced and grown in the UK

Designed for Athletes

Supports Pain relief, anti inflammation & muscle/ joint recovery

SAFE and SUITABLE for Professional Sports

Trusted and used by Professional Athletes in the BBL

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500mg of Premium Lab-Tested CBD Oil and Organic Ingredients

With all LuceMae products we guarantee

No high or mind-altering effects. Feel cool and calm.

No fuzziness. Maintain control.

No law-breaking. Enjoy it safe in this knowledge.

No exceptions - experience positive effects with every single product.

Organic products - No genetically modified ingredients.

*FREE Just £7.99 for P&P30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

LuceMae CBD is perfectly designed for athletes who want to...

  • Increase muscle recovery and reverse joint pain
  • Improve athletic performance and take it to the next level
  • Restore their youthful bounce, mobility & flexibility
  • Avoid taking over-the-counter medications by opting for organic alternatives
  • Move freely and increase performance without experiencing any sorts of pain
  • Lead a healthier & happier life
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Follow our journey as we share the power of CBD & tips for active recovery